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ZEWOTHERM is a producer and full-range supplier of efficient energy and heating systems for modern home and building technology that contribute to energy-conscious living, working and well-being in perfect interaction. Because one thing is clear: if you want to take environmental protection seriously, achieve climate targets and really drive the energy revolution forward, then there is no way around energy- and (cost)efficient systems for the most beautiful place in the world - your own home.

For our partners and customers in the three-stage sales channel, we take short and fast routes to meet our claim "ENERGY. BEWARE. LIFE." more and more every day. Building owners, installers, planners and other partners from the modern housing industry and, in particular, the HVAC wholesale trade benefit from our holistic product solutions and coordinated service packages.

We supply every building project with heat to feel good, healthy air and hygienic drinking water connection.

Together we create holistic energy and heating systems for every requirement and purpose:

  • Exclusive housebuilding
  • Public office buildings
  • Complex industrial buildings
  • Large commercial properties

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Because together we can achieve more.