Floor heating

Comfortable and varied product solutions.


Welcome to ZEWOTHERM, your specialist for integrated energy and heating systems for the entire house and building technology. Our product solutions enable regenerative energy generation, heat storage, ventilation, distribution, regulation and control of a complete building and thus contribute to an energy-conscious life, work and well-being.

A heat pump, for example, saves an average of 2,310 kg of Co² per year compared to a fossil heating system using oil or gas; over a service life of 20 years, around 46 tonnes less CO² is emitted. A modern ventilation system has been proven to help save up to 75% of the energy "thrown out of the window" by conventional ventilation. And no other system than panel heating distributes the mild radiant heat so efficiently and economically.

In addition to practical installation, ZEWOTHERM systems offer the highest level of thermal comfort, which more than pays off. Not only for your own pocket, but also for people and the environment. Because the energy revolution is and remains an important topic. Unfortunately, however, it still plays a subordinate role in building services engineering. We at ZEWOTHERM want to make our contribution to achieving the climate targets we have set ourselves and to help you advance the energy revolution. And this can only be achieved with efficient heating technology that works in a system network.

We would be pleased to inform you about the most modern energy and heating systems with the highest level of living comfort. Convince yourself of efficient heat pumps, comfortable surface heating systems, well thought-out living space ventilation concepts and intelligent home stations.

Let us assume joint responsibility. For life, for the environment, for well-being. Energy. Conscious. Life.

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