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Welcome to ZEWOTHERM, your specialist for holistic energy and heating systems for the entire house and building technology. Our product solutions enable regenerative energy generation, heat storage, ventilation, distribution, regulation and control of a complete building and thus contribute to energy-conscious living, working and well-being.

A heat pump, for example, saves an average of 2,310 kg of CO² per year compared with a fossil-fuel heating system using oil or gas; over a service life of 20 years, this means that around 46 tons less CO² are emitted. A modern ventilation system has been proven to help save up to 75% of the energy that is literally "thrown out the window" by conventional ventilation. In addition, no system other than radiant panel heating distributes mild radiant heat as efficiently and economically.

All ZEWOTHERM systems offer, in addition to practical installation, the highest level of heating comfort, which more than pays for itself. Not only for your own wallet, but also for people and the environment. Because the energy turnaround is and remains an important topic. Unfortunately, however, it still plays a subordinate role in home and building technology. At ZEWOTHERM, we want to make our contribution to achieving the targeted climate goals and driving the energy transition forward with you. And that can only be done with efficient heating technology that works in a system network.

We would be pleased to inform you about the latest energy and heating systems with the highest level of living comfort. Convince yourself of efficient heat pumps, comfortable surface heating systems, well thought-out living space ventilation concepts and intelligent apartment stations.

Let's take responsibility together. For life, for the environment, for well-being. Energy. Conscious. Living.

The ZEWOTHERM system concept

Enjoy warmth without worries

The demand on a modern energy system is actually quite simple: to provide a healthy, smart indoor climate reliably and with a view to the future. The implementation is somewhat more complex. All components must be perfectly matched to each other to create the synergy effects that enable the systems to work together smoothly. A "mixed bag" of e.g. system components can lead to surprises. For example, a solution that was initially classified as good (e.g. here the heat pump X, there the underfloor heating Y) can quickly turn into a real nuisance if the "mixed" components do not harmonize perfectly with each other and are literally "uncontrollable".

The solution: Everything from one source! ZEWOTHERM's energy and heating systems work in a system network, which includes not only heat generation, storage and transfer, but also domestic ventilation and smart, variable control technology. Always with the guarantee that one system component reliably matches the next. This perfect coordination ultimately results in the interfaces being designed for operational reliability and the system network being in an ideal operating condition. This also makes it easier to create a system label for heating systems. Quite apart from the fact that reliable, convincing operating values are already available in the planning phase and the perfect interaction more than pays off in later operation.

All this not only leads to a better quality of life and significantly lower energy consumption, but also increases the sustainable value of a property.

Diverse in the systems. Perfect as a whole.

ZEWOTHERM provides carefree heat for the whole building with perfectly coordinated system components.

The system concept also prevails in the cooperation with all partners. Thus, the wholesale trade profits from sales and information supporting measures as well as an extensive delivery programme; the installing trade from a practice-oriented, efficient assembly (if desired with previous consultation and planning and also installation aid) and finally the end user/user from a reliable system technology - including a comprehensive system guarantee!

Simply everything must fit. We are happy to inform, advise and plan (personally) about the future-oriented ZEWOTHERM energy and heating system. Feel good when you leave!

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